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Supply Chain & Logistics Analytics Solutions

Due to the involvement of multiple businesses and organisations, supply chain management (SCM) has become more difficult in recent years. Supply chain analytics plays a critical role in improving efficacy and productivity in supply chain management (SCM) by sensing data and predicting future risks when making strategic and tactical decisions. On the other hand, using logistics analytics to dramatically increase logistics planning and operations typically improves the financial performance of the company. Supply chain and logistics analytics with data-driven intelligence boosts revenue, improves working capital utilisation, and boosts profits in your company.

Scope Of Data Management Service

Standardizing the data definition as per the business need

Data cleansing services

Maintaining the quality

Maximize the value of data

Enriching the data value

Data synchronization

Reducing the redundancy

Secure data access


Inventory management, demand sensing, and optimization of cost, resource, trade, and promotional activities to target the right customers are the main advantages of using Supply Chain & Logistics Analytics by businesses. It also gives you visibility into your supply chain and helps you align your strategies with the facts.

Challenges in Supply Chain Analytics

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Inventory level problems

Inventory Level Problems

One of the challenging tasks in the supply chain is inventory management which affects every aspect of one's business. At any given moment it is necessary to know what inventory he/she actually has.

Resource Optimization

Shipment Problems

Traders are struggling with huge demand to deliver goods to the customers. Ensuring regulatory compliance with shipments is one of the most important tasks for businesses.

Forecasting Problem

Optimizing Fleet Cost

Optimizing fleet costs from the first mile to the last mile is an important task for businesses. This is easier said than done, because the bigger the supply chain, the more complications there are.

Forecasting Problem

Forecasting Problem

One of the biggest problems with supply chain management is demand variability. One cannot handle demand variability without making proper predictions in understanding the future.

Quality measurements

Quality Measurements

Quality is one of the most important factors for rigidity in the relationship between suppliers and customers. To meet the challenges and remain competitive, organizations are inclined to more accurately assess the quality of the supply chain.

Resource Optimization

To effectively employ the working capital, to utilize the resources in an optimum manner is an extraordinary task that every organization is facing. To bridge this gap, optimization techniques have to be implemented.

Delivery challenges

Delivery Challenges

The growth and fame of the firm are linked to the proper and timely delivery of goods. It is a daunting task to monitor the demand and supply of goods round the clock by the delivery management.

Cost Optimization

Real-world business is quite different from an ideal business. Businesses require the ability to predict what will happen in the future, allowing you to appropriately adjust your supply chain cost optimization strategies.

What solutions we are offering ?

From acquisition to visualisation, we can provide an end-to-end analytics solution for an enterprise using our Bigdata solution. On the AWS cloud, AI/ML solutions are available. Customer analytics such as customer 360, customer pain points, omnichannel analysis, trade promotion optimization, optimal order quantity predictions, scenario-based predictions, insights into the past and present, predicting future demand using time series models, supply chain meeting customer requirements, revenue leakage, supply chain fraud and risk solutions, supply chain cyber security solutions, NLP solutions

Smart Supply Chain Solution
Computer Vision Based Solution

What We Offer As a Service?

Trade promotion optimization


Labour or resource optimization

Inventory stock optimization

Customer analytics

Supply chain operation analytics

Supply chain intelligence

How does it work?

Data will be acquired to AWS cloud, data cleansing and preparation, using ML models for predictions and prescriptive analysis, providing actionable insights and recommendations for decisions, strategies.

Cloud-based solutions

Cloud-Based Solutions

On-Premises Solutions

On-Premises Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

The challenging task for any supply chain business is to find out the potential risk factors. Supply chain analytics allows you to mitigate risk and evaluate potential supply chain disruption scenarios.

The common challenges in supply chain & logistics management are Inventory level problems, Optimizing fleet cost, Forecasting problems, optimization problems, etc.

By sensing and forecasting the demand one can address the inventory level problems. 

Supply chain analytics addresses optimization in cost, resource, product, inventory levels. 

Supply chain analytics software can make data-driven decisions based on a summary of relevant data presented in the form of graphs, charts, and other visual representations.