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Digital Retail Payment Analytics

In the Payment Industry, Payment AnalytixNow makes decision managers’ lives easier. To gain insight into payment transactions by region, by RM, by merchant, by instrument, by business category, or by channel in the past and present. Key features of Digital Retail Payment Analytics are – Insights and Foresights. Insights (Diagnostic insights – why it happened) about the transaction’s failures, business down, sales down, customer churn, customer pain points. Foresights (Predicting future – what will happen next) about the payment transaction, customers attrition, cross-sell, up-sell, customer intention buy, Target customer, etc.

What Payment AnalytixNow recommends (Prescriptive Analytics) based on your DATA








Targeting the right customer, Strategic decisions, data-driven decisions, no need to wait for weeks for analysis reports, insights, and recommendations. On the fly, decision managers will get what is happening in the business, and they can align strategies as per the facts.

The key benefits of providing

Digital Retail Payment Analytics

as a Service

Targeting the right customers

Strategical and tactical decisions

Data-driven intelligent approach

Role-based secure access

Integration and management on cloud

Daily or weekly analysis reports, insights, and etc

Data Analytics for investigating, preventing fraud

Monitored risks in payment transactions

Capabilities & Automation
Digital Retail Payment Analytics ​

Payment transactions can view on different dimensions to get a clear visibility transaction process. ​​

Digital Retail Payment Analytics ​

Predicting top merchant on leader board ​

Digital Retail Payment Analytics ​

Predicting the top five-card brands on the leader board ​​

Digital Retail Payment Analytics ​

Automatic dashboard updates based on data availability ​

Automated insights and recommendations. ​

Why AnalytixNow ?


Common and actionable insights on digital payment transactions, card types, instrumental, and profitability by combining external factors data with internal data in easily understandable formats.


Recommendations about the course of action, decision references, and strategic moves help in improving the revenue of the business.

Low maintenance cost

This product provides ease of use, low maintenance, and cost-effective features with download options for reports and graphs on a drill-down level without any data handling problems for customers.