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Health Care Analytics

Healthcare AnalytixNow provides graphical representations of sales of medical devices, equipment, and consumables. The volume and sales forecasting feature allows business users to accurately predict sales. In Healthcare AnalytixNow, the discrepancies module graphs out the differences between invoice and sales data, allowing users to spot sales discrepancies. In addition, the performance of the sales distributors and representatives can also be visualized with drilled-down features. Healthcare AnalytixNow’s key features include Trade Promotion Optimization and Scenario Analysis, which allow business users to assess whether their trade spend is meeting their goal of maximising ROI. Healthcare AnalytixNow provides role-based access equipped with advanced data security and encryption standards.


The Healthcare AnalytixNow product graphs historical data trends, analyses and predicts sales performance, and identifies the best marketing strategies for healthcare companies to increase profitability. Furthermore, TPO enables business users to assess whether the trade spend is meeting its goal of maximising ROI.

The key benefits of providing

Healthcare Analytics

as a Service

Role based secured access with advanced encryption standards.

Provides recommendations to take business decisions.

Easy integration and maintenance on cloud and on-prem.​

Optimize the trade promotion.​

Evaluate the trade spend and budget allocation.

Capabilities & Automation

Can manage and govern large chunks of data.

Assure data privacy.

Advanced drill-down features.

Instantaneous data visualization.

Easily downloadable formats.

Role of Healthcare AnalytixNow in Health Care Sector

Optimize the trade promotion for a better outcome.

Evaluate the trade spend and budget allocation.

Forecast the future sales considering the external factors.

Provides insights & recommendations to make decisions.

What healthcare analytical solution offer

Sales trend visualization

Trade promotion optimization

Sales forecasting for medical devices

Sales "distributors" representatives analysis

"Dealers" performance analysis

Discrepancy analysis in sales

Customer segmentation

Why AnalytixNow ?


AnalytixNow provides actionable insights on sales forecasting and promotions in the healthcare industry and also helps in taking strategic decisions by considering external factors.


In addition, Healthcare AnalytixNow provides recommendations, derived from the insights to make business decisions.

Low maintenance cost

AnalytixNow provides customizable dashboards with advanced security features and can be deployed and maintained on cloud and on-prem at a minimal cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Healthcare is one of the crucial areas where data analytics can be applied. Healthcare analytics focuses on areas like pharmaceuticals, research, and development, behavioral analysis, insurance claims, etc.     

Healthcare analytics is used to visualize data, predict future outcomes and generate insights and recommendations to make strategic decisions at the business level.

Healthcare AnalytixNow focuses on diagnostic, descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics. Our key areas are predictive and prescriptive analytics.

We improve the profitability of healthcare companies by evaluating marketing and sales performance and identifying new market opportunities.

Healthcare AnalytixNow is a web-based product that provides role-based secured access to its dashboard to restrict different levels of users.