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Consumer Packaged Goods Analytics

With a single click, Supply Chain AnalytixNow optimises discount scheme budgets to optimal levels, targets reach, and forecasts sales based on discounts, as well as each product level cost optimization. Based on the trade promotion optimization model, managers can change the product offer strategy dynamically. Decision-makers can find scenario sales and dynamically align their strategy. Supply Chain AnalytixNow can provide views of your product demand at the regional, product category, and business category levels. Daily, weekly, and monthly sales forecasting, as well as order quantity forecasting, are available in Supply Chain AnalytixNow. SKU level budget optimizations and SKU level views of your data by region, city, product category, business category, or outlet are available in Supply Chain AnalytixNow.


Targeting the right outlet for the right discount, strategic decisions, data-driven decisions, no need to wait for weeks for analysis reports, insights, and recommendations. On the fly, decision managers will get what is happening in the business and they can align strategies as per the facts. How much budget they can allocate for offers at each product level and store level.

The key benefits of providing

CPG Analytics

as a Service

Strategical and tactical decisions

Integration and Management in the cloud

Time series-based analysis reports, insights, and recommendations.

Role-based secure access

Budget prediction for schemes at store level or product level.

On the fly, decision managers can visualize the happening and align strategies as per the facts

Using trade promotion optimization companies can target the right customers

Capabilities & Automation

Budget prediction for schemes

Campaign promotion optimizations.

Campaign promotion optimizations

Sales prediction based on discount offers

Optimal order quantity by product level

CPG Transaction can view on different dimensions to get a clear visibility transaction process

Automated insights and recommendations about fast-moving products and non-moving products

Why AnalytixNow ?


Focuses on actionable insights on CPG transactions, sales forecasting, promotions, and analysis, which aids in strategic decision-making by taking into account external factors as well as current scenarios.


In addressing the pain points, CPG analytics provides recommendations derived from insights for decision references and strategic moves.

Low maintenance cost

This product provides customizable dashboards, drill-down level options for downloading reports and graphs, easy integration with zero maintenance, and low-cost infrastructure for customers.